The first semester is almost over.  During the second quarter, the Elementary PE classes have been  focusing on “floor hockey”.  Students are learning the mechanics of playing floor hockey, as well as the rules of the game.   The classes are learning the basic movements necessary for playing floor hockey: running; passing; dribbling and controlling the ball.

SIS Elementary students also joined Sekolah Ciputra’s annual cross country event.  On Thursday, 7 November, students from Grades 1 – 6 joined in the run.  Once again, our students placed very well and SIS brought home the Perpetual Trophy, the price for winning first place overall.  

During the first quarter this year, students studied units about soccer and volleyball.  Not only does class time provide opportunity to build their skills, students also have ample time to improve during recess play.

The PE department has been busy hosting a variety of tournaments and friendly games for our secondary athletics teams.   Our Elementary students had the opportunity to shine on Saturday, November 30 as SIS hosted a swim meet.  We invited 5 schools from nearby to attend the tournament.

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