Our Early Childhood Three children had an amazing experience during the FON EXPO and Gala preparations. India was the country we chose and we also connected it with our “How The World Works” unit, in which the children explored different kinds of materials. The children enjoyed many materials set out on the invitation tables in the classroom.

The children explored Indian spices and made circle shapes while they explored our mandala playdough table. Making garlands utilized their fine motor skills as they crumpled crepe paper and made patterns of colors as they glued it on the sentence strips. One of our more popular activities was the  water color and Indian tie dye table.  The children had a chance to explore what happens when we mix colors, using the pippets to drip the color onto the paper towel and create their own tie dye napkins.

EC 3 was very lucky to have a guest speaker, Ms. Sonia, to visit our class. She introduced saris to us. We had an opportunity to touch and try on saris. She shared with us how Indian women wear saris and other accessories to make their fashion more stunning.

We also learned about Indian dance. While the children were practicing the their “Dhum Dhum Chaak” dance they also practiced body control, gross motor skills, and following instructions. We practiced the dance almost every day on the stage, so they would become familiar and confident with the performance. Finally, during the Gala night, the children were very excited to perform. They danced very well and were so proud of themselves.


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