ES Physical Education & Swim

The elementary school’s physical education classes are running smoothly.  The classes meet twice a week. One meeting is devoted to swimming where they are now learning about the styles of freestyle and backstroke.  The other meeting is held in the gymnasium and is allocated for sports and other activities.

EC to Grade 1 students are learning good listening behaviors, as well as skills needed for  throwing, jumping, kicking and running.  Grades 2 – 5 students have studied soccer, volleyball, and floor hockey during the second quarter.   

In addition to studying sports, students also work to develop their athletic stamina.  During each PE class, grades 2-5 students run for 6 minutes in gym. Kindergarten and grade 1 run 5 laps in the gym, while for the EC3 and EC 4  classes, students run 2 laps on the basketball field line.

SIS has been involved in many sports events throughout November. On November 2,  2018, SIS participated in the Ciputra Cross Country Run, with excellent results.  Our students in grades 1-6 received numerous medals. The Perpetual Trophy, the grand prize of the Ciputra Cross Country Run, that was awarded to SIS last year has once again returned to SIS.

On November 3, 2018, SIS held a Swimming Friendly Match.  Swimmers were very enthusiastic and improvement in all age categories was made. On November 12th SIS participated in a Biathlon at Surabaya European School.   We received 3 gold medals, 1 silver and 1 bronze from the five SIS athletes that participated.

Students also have time for unstructured play in the gym during lunch on Monday and Wednesday at the end of the  ES lunch time. They are allowed to play basketball, soccer, catching, and many others activities. This gives the students the opportunity to be active and enthusiastic while allowing options for them to choose what activities they would most like to play.

A Message from the ES Principal

An elementary school is a busy place.  It doesn’t seem to matter what time of year it is, there is always something happening.  The next few weeks are no exception.

On Saturday, 1 December, beginning at 8:00 our SIS Swim Team will be hosting our annual swim friendly.  Please come out and cheer on our elementary and secondary athletes.

On Thursday, 6 December beginning at 1:30, the elementary students will showcase their first semester learning in our winter music concert.  Come enjoy an afternoon of singing and instrumental performances.

Before school, beginning on Wednesday, 12 December and straight through until Friday, 14 December, join us for our annual Caroling by the Koi Pond.  Caroling will begin at 7:45 and will end at 8:05.  We hope to see you there in your most festive Christmas hats.

Finally, on 14 December beginning at 8:15, the elementary school will gather in the Little Theater for a brief assembly.  Our EC 3 and EC 4 students will have a special song for us and I’ve heard rumors that a very special visitor will be dropping by to wish all the students a wonderful winter break.  We hope you are able to join us.

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