One of the fun parts of my job over the past couple of years is working with the board and staff to put together special projects for SIS. Our campus is 25 years old and there is much to do to maintain it. Some of our projects are off campus. We are very near to completing a new house to be used for our staff. This will help cut down on rental expenses and is an investment for SIS. This process began with the purchase of the land almost two years ago. It’s not something you get to see, but it does have an impact on our programs.

There have been several projects around our gym and pool area from the renovation of the locker rooms to the newly painted areas around the pool. We have also renovated our workout room and added a cover to the children’s pool. With our new starting blocks and timing equipment for the pool arriving soon, SIS will be ready to host the IISSAC swim meet in April.

Other projects are not as glamorous, but are just as necessary. We have recently repaired the metal covers around our air conditioners and added a fresh coat of paint. The picture below shows a project happening right now that involves repainting areas around our campus. You have probably noticed the work done on the main wall as you enter our campus.

Some involve making comfortable spaces around campus. We have added new decking in three areas around campus as well as a nice new picnic bench on the Grade 3-5 playground.

Some of the projects we are considering after the completion of the house include enhancing the paved playing area near the canteen, enhancing the stages in our little theatre and in our gym, and adding playground equipment specifically designed for our youngest students. Perhaps there is a project you have been thinking about. Feel free to stop by my office and talk shop with me.

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