Phew, what a busy February! Many amazing things have been happening the past few weeks in the Secondary school. Middle school and High school students had a blast raising money for charity during the Aid in Action event on January 18th. They were able to participate in a color run, take part in water activities and have a BBQ lunch to end a great fundraiser.

We were fortunate to have many visitors come to SIS the past 6 weeks. We had Immigration officials come speak to our Indonesian students on January 23rd about the services the Immigration department offers to citizens. We hosted a wonderful university visit from Hardin-Simmons University in the U.S.A. Admissions recruiters met with some of our high school students to discuss the liberal arts programs they offer.

Students have been researching different countries and connecting it to what they are learning in different subjects, in preparation for our Festival of Nations (FON) Secondary Expo on Friday, February 15th. They have also been practicing the schoolwide FON song diligently for the past few weeks to perform in the FON Gala on Saturday, February 16th.

At a Secondary Assembly held on February 1st, student representatives from Middle School and High School Global Issues Network (GIN) presented to their fellow student body about some causes they are passionate about and will be investing their time and efforts into the next few weeks. One such initiative has led us to host Orangutan Day on February 20th, where we will have a schoolwide fundraiser to help save orangutans impacted by deforestation. This will be a fun-filled morning, during periods 1 and 2, where students engage in multiple activities and games to raise money to impact the Orangutan Project.

Our Cobras not only make us proud with their academic and charitable contributions, but make us proud with their sportsmanship. Recently, our Boys Basketball team placed second in the PASS Tournament SIS hosted from February 7-9. Our Girls Basketball team placed third in this tournament. Our sea cobras also did a great job in Malang the same weekend!

Finally, Secondary students had the opportunity to engage in community building and interact with younger students during the FON Elementary Expo on February 14th. There was a celebration of learning happening throughout the building as Elementary students taught Secondary students all about the different countries they had researched.

I will be focusing more on initiatives designed to engage and support our parent community more. Thus, we are excited about a 2-part workshop series on technology, led by some of our expert teachers with student panels. Session 1 will be offered on February 27th at 8:15. The topic will be practical tips for technology use at home and school. Session 2 will be offered on March 12th at 8:15. The topic will be digital citizenship and social media. Both sessions will be in the Library. We hope to see you there!

Next month, we are looking forward to a flurry of more activity, so stay tuned for a new Secondary Principal newsletter that will be launched in March!

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