The Parent/Teacher Partnership

The Parent/Teacher Partnership is an effective relationship that is designed to help a student succeed. When parents and teachers have open and frequent communication, the student receives similar support at home and at school. Communicating regularly allows for discussions about concerns and where support is needed if a student is struggling.

Parents provide essential information to help teachers connect with students. Parents should discuss their student’s strengths and weaknesses, academic frustrations, and any event that happens outside of school that could potentially affect the student in school. The more the teacher knows the student, the teacher is more efficient in supporting the student’s learning. Also, the student typically is more comfortable to self-advocate when they know that there is a positive Parent/Teacher Partnership.

Typically, the best introduction to a Parent/Teacher Partnership is Back to School Night, Parent/Teacher Conferences, and school events. However, to really establish the partnership, scheduled meetings before or after school and frequent email communications is what strengths the partnership. is a recommended website that provides parents with tools on what to ask teachers, when to talk to teachers, and what to expect in a Parent/Teacher Partnership.  

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